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Balls of Steel

No this is not a dream. Hell has frozen and Duke Nukem Forever has been released! And I belong to the proud knights that have waited for 12 years and never stopped believing. And as a reward I am holding the DVD case of the game in my hands. By simply looking at it all these memories are coming back to me. Actually today is the best day I had for a long time :)

I'll let the case be shrink-wrapped in the near future again. Why? Because I want to show this case to my kids or grandchildren some day. I will tell them everything about the Duke and how he saved earth :D

About the game itself: I played 3 hours straight and it is exactly what I expected. Violence, sex and humor. If it wasn't the Duke the game would be pretty average. From a technical point of view the game is very outdated. The graphics are 2008 like and the animations look like crap.

If you don't like the Duke (you shouold be burned) I would not recommend buying the game. At least not for the full price. If you like him and want to refresh some of thosed loved memories you should immediately run to the next store and buy it. Or if you don't want to show something to your kids you can buy it on steam.

Jun 11th 2011, 17:34 by Sylence.

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