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Visual Studio: Language Madness

Since I installed Visual Studio 2010 it has always been a mixture of German and English UI. Simply because my Windows is English and the Visual Studio Version I own is German. I could live with this but it always annoyed me a little. So after doing some reading on the Microsoft forums I realized I could just install the English Trial Version to get a complete English GUI. So after download the ISO (4.5GB with 300 kB/s yay) and installing the English Version I was a bit confused.

My Visual Studio was patched with Service Pack 1 and it seems like the Trial Version was not. So after installing (yes why bother telling me before?) Visual Studio didn't want to start because only some installed elements were patched with SP1. Ok at least it told me that I should simply reapply SP1. So after downloading another 1.5GB I started reapplying SP1. Strange errors popped up every minute saying the setup can't find files. An hour later the setup was done saying it failed. However Visual Studio is running again and has SP1 installed.

These are the moments when I wonder what kind of drugs the guys at Microsoft take and where to get them :D

May 29th 2011, 00:28 by Sylence.

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