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Hello Visual Studio? Anybody home?

Wow great. You can't design forms (or WPF windows) in Visual Studio if there are 64bit assemblies that are referenced by the form. Ok technically this totally comprehensible since Visual Studio is a 32bit application that can't load 64bit assemblies. But seriously we have 2011! 64bit should be standard since a couple of years and there should be a possibility to create a workaround for such things.

So after this experience there is definitely a big item on my wish list for the next Visual Studio: A 64bit version. Or at very least 100% support of 64bit.

Oh and in case you wonder whether there is a workaround that you can use: Yes there is. Don't use the x64 target for developing. Instead use the 'Any CPU' configuration. This way the assembly can be loaded as a 32bit one from the designer. I'd say this is something one can live with. I just hope that 32bit is dying rather sooner than later.

May 16th 2011, 21:58 by Sylence.

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