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Picks vs. The Laws of Physics

If you play guitar you might know well what I'm talking about: Picks are able to break the laws of physics! I just dropped one and searched for half an hour (!) for it. But it's gone. No sign of it. Either it has magically disappeared from existence or my theory: Picks, just like strings (the M-Theory ones, not the ones on a guitar), are not bound to our three dimensional world. If they were there would be an one or two inch thick layer of picks on my floor. But there isn't. I dropped hundreds of them in this room and none of them were ever seen again.

I talked about this topic with some other guitarists I know and they all tell the same story. If you ever drop a pick don't waste your time searching for it. You won't find it ever. People who don't play guitar usually have a wtf-look on their face and try to tell us that we need to search harder. No we are not crazy. Picks literally are able to vanish into thin air!

Or maybe there is a big conspiracy going on. The producers of picks sell so many of them because they have the ability to disappear. So maybe this is not a bug but a feature? :D

Apr 25th 2011, 15:26 by Sylence.

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