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Portal 2: Review

I played it through :) My conclusion: Great game. The game is about three times as long as its predecessor but still as funny. I needed ten hours to play through it but you can do it in less time if you don't listen to all the dialogs or if you just go straight to the end without taking a look around. However I would not recommend doing so. The dialogs are pretty awesome :)

To give you some excerpts: [spoiler]GlaDOS after she's been turned into a potato by wheatley: "He's not just a regular moron. He is the product of the greatest minds of a generation working together with the expressed purpose of building the dumbest moron who ever lived." Or in the time before wheatley takes over control she is constantly mobbing you because you are fat :D Or right at the beginning when Wheatley talks to you the first time. He says you *could* suffer some severe brain damage since you were asleep for too long. He wants you to say something but you only can jump. Well after you are being put in the first test champer he motivates you by saying "at least you are a good jumper" :D [/spoiler]

Also there are some cool easter eggs. We all know those turrets with their lovely "Are you still there?" or "I don't hate you". Well I found one that was different [spoiler]He even said so ("I'm different") and he was about to being destroyed but I rescued him and put him aside[/spoiler]

Ok honestly I wasn't expecting anything else than the great humor we all knew from part one. So this is definitely a big point for part two :) So what about the game itself? Well it takes all the good stuff from part one (so basically everything) and adds some new concepts to it. There are tractor beams, laser rays, and three sorts of gels that for example allow you to create portals at walls you could not create one or let you bounce off walls and floors. They fit really great into the whole game. The level design is perfect. You always know where you have to go. And this is nothing bad since the where is not the problem but the how.

There are some downsides though. Well ok only one: The difficulty. The first chapters are way to easy. They just act as a long tutorial but if you played Portal the beginning is too easy. The puzzles get harder but they are always solvable (except when it's 2 AM. God it took my one hour for one of the later levels. When I realized the solution I knew it was time to go to bed :D) As far as I heard most levels even allow multiple solutions but since I only played it through once I can't confirm if this is true. Which brings me to the next point: If you played the game through once there is no real motivation to play it through a second or even third time. Of course after some time you will always want to play it again because of all the dialogs but not because there is something you didn't try.

The end boss is too easy in my opinion. [spoiler]Ok the time you have is shorter than you had to kill GlaDOS but actually you just have to spawn a portal on the floor and one on the walls so Wheatley kills himself. Great thing about the end: There is a song. Just like "Still alive". Bad thing about the end: "Still alive" is the better song. With better I don't say that the new song is bad. Just not as good as Still Alive but I have the feeling that you need to hear this song more than one time to actually love it.[/spoiler]

So what is my rating? Well 5 out of 5 are too many because of the difficulty and the end. 4 out 5 is too low so I'd say 9 out of 10. The game is definitely worth buying.

Apr 22nd 2011, 15:03 by Sylence.

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