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How to backup your data

After I told you how not to backup your data, I'm now going to tell you how to do it correctly. Since I'm in the last part of my apprenticeship I have to implement a small project including requirement analysis, design, and documentation (including end-user documentation and project documentation). And since passing this is mandatory for my plan to go university at the end of this year you can imagine that I'm a bit paranoid about backing up everything.

So how do I do this? Well pretty simple. I have a Subversion Repository at work that is backed up daily (including off-side backups of course), and a Dropbox where I'll put everything into. Then there is my work laptop that will reside in my car for this three weeks and my desktop machine at home is synchronized via the Dropbox. So this would be four places on 3 different mediums (Dropbox's cloud, the tape backups from work, and the hard disks of the laptop and desktop). Since you can't have enough backups the data is also saved on this webspace and the backup space that it comes with. So this will at least be one more side and even if there will be war tomorrow there should be enough time to get the data spread across the globe :D

Now you know both extremes of backing up data. The best way is probably something in between of them ;)

Apr 4th 2011, 19:22 by Sylence.

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