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Crysis 2: Review

So I played Crysis 2 the last two days and I just got through it. According to the stats screen it took me six and a half hours which is very sad. Remember those days when you needed at least 20 hours to play a game through? Well ok I'm not going to talk about the good old days.

So what is Crysis 2 like? Well it's like every other shooter out there. Nothing special. The graphics are worse than Crysis 1, there is no story at all. And the worst thing: It's just a console port. The gameplay isn't smooth and you have one button for thousand of actions. I died several times because I wanted to grab an enemy to throw him away but I was standing on some C4 or a weapon or something else. And since picking up a weapon and grabbing an enemy has the same button (F) I took the weapon instead of the enemy and he killed me...

Did I mention that there is no story? You start in the middle of the action and you don't know what you're doing or even why. After some time you get an idea of what you are doing but still you don't know why. And this question remains unanswered throughout the whole game. There are one or two references to part one but they don't answer many questions. Actually they just tell us why Prophet returned to the Island. Funniest thing though: The aliens in part two look completely different from the ones in part one and they have gotten a name. Are these even still the same aliens?

To keep fair there are some improvements over part one. The nano suit got improved. You don't need to use the suit menu anymore but instead you can toggle cloak and armor mode with a key (or to be precise: with TWO keys) and the strength mode is activated when you hold the jump, sprint, or attack button. So switching from mode into another has become less messy. Any more good things? Oh yeah the AI. It's pretty good (played on normal difficulty only though) I even got attacked from behind one or two times because the AI was clever enough to split up and attack me from multiple sides.

All in all Crysis 2 would get three out of five points from me. It's not completely crap but it's nothing special either. If you haven't bought it yet and want to play it my advise for you would be to wait until the game gets cheaper.

Mar 26th 2011, 22:50 by Sylence.

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