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Nuclear power

Now even Japan starts to think about to stop producing nuclear power. Great.

We must not stop nuclear power but develop it further since we will never be able to produce the energy we need (and will need in the future) by only using solar energy, wind, and water. Don't get me wrong on this. We eventually will do some time but what do you we do until then? Burning all the fossils we find? I'd say this is a very bad idea.

Listen to what Bill Gates said at the TED last year. There are some budding technologies that are better than today's nuclear power plants. Honestly I can't understand why everyone disses nuclear energy. Yes it can be dangerous but so can driving a car or flying with an airplane be.

The best thing would be fusion power but I guess that will take another hundred years or so...

Mar 21st 2011, 09:09 by Sylence.

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