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Not all spam is equal

There are times when I really enjoy reading spam. Today I had one of these moments.

I first liked the text written in that mail:

Hi my new friend! My name is Elena. I live in Russia, in city of SHITOVO. I think, that you did not hear about this city. You really seem to be just exactly the type of man that I have been hoping to meet;Please tell me more about yourself,your interests. I am the serious girl, I want to get acquainted with the good person who will love me up to the end of life! For me main is heart of the person! I have correct and romantic character!I like camping and travel at free time with friends. If you liked my profile write on E-mail address: *snipp*@*snipp*.com. And I think, we can become good friends. I wish to exchange with you a photo, video is possible. I shall hope that my letter was not vain and you write to me the return letter. Good luck!! Elena.
And secondly the image that was attached to the picture (nope was not infected with any malware) made the mail perfect. I mean, guys, seriously: This woman is hot! Oh and by the way: You can click on the image to view a bigger version of it ;) Of course I know (s)he wants my money or is connected to the Russian mafia. If she even exists. However there is nothing better than seeing a picture of such a nice lady on a Friday afternoon :)

Feb 25th 2011, 15:31 by Sylence.

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