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2 > 1 but 3 > 2

I think everybody who ever worked using two displays will agree that once you get used to them you will never want to switch back to a single display.

It has been a while since I switched from one display to two and it was really great. You have - more or less - two times the space for your windows. However recently I began to get into the situation when I even managed to fill up both of my displays and even needed more space.

So I decided to buy a new graphics cards that supports 3 displays. My old 8800GT always has been a very loud and hot card and so I ordered a new Sapphire 5770 Flex. Very cool card. It has more power than my 8800, supports up to 4 displays and was very cheap (120€ compared to the 300€ I spent for the 8800GT).

The card should arrive some day in the next week :) However I already made place for a third display on my desk. Doesn't look that beautiful since the three displays are three different models but even having three displays standing on your desk (though only two are connected) is feeling just good :)

I'll post a picture when the card arrives. In case you haven't noticed already: I added an image gallery to this site. You can access it from the navigation bar at the top. It's still a bit empty but will be filled in the feature ;)

Jan 28th 2011, 19:08 by Sylence.

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