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Smartphones ftw?

I now have my BlackBerry Storm 2 for half a year. I was very satisfied with it the first time but now I have to admit that BlackBerry sucks.

They are great for business people but even the Storm 2 - which was made for "normal" people sucks in doing normal things. The browser is a mess, the device is slow and App World is mostly full of crap. I could kick myself in the ass all the time since a colleque has bought the HTC HD7. It's a great smartphone and is programmable in C# while my BlackBerry needs Java(Script) :(

The worst thing however is that the new BlackBerry OS 6 (which looks very cool btw) is not - and propably won't ever be - available for my Storm2. Even Apple did manage to port its iOS 4 to older phones.

My next smartphone is definatly going to be a HTC with WP7 :)

Jan 27th 2011, 19:34 by Sylence.

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