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StatusBar ?

I upgraded my FireFox from Beta 6 to Beta 7 today and I instantly noticed two things. First the UI looks much cleaner now. Don't know why but it feels this way. The second thing I noticed is more a con than a pro: The status bar is missing!

After some reasearch I found out that it was replaced by a new "Add-On Bar" that displays some add-on icons. Wow great. Changes can be a good thing but a stats bar just takes some pixels and offers some useful information (e.g. which url FireFox currently tries to load). The URL of a link is displayed in the adress bar which is a good idea but there are still some things I miss.

Thankfully I found a little add-on that brings back the old status bar: Status 4-Evar after you installed this and restarted your browser you can drag and drop things onto the statusbar when you choose the customize option after you right click next to the tab bar.

I wonder where this is going to when you need add ons to have a decent status bar. If there weren't so many nice add-ons to FireFox I would have sticked with Chrome.

Nov 12th 2010, 00:24 by Sylence.

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