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Welcome to germany...

I love this country. As I just learned the imprint of a site has to be reachable without scrolling in a resolution of 800x600 (thanks to Michelle for informing me about this :) )

Two things coming to my mind instantly: 1) Who the hell still uses 800x600 resolution? I thought everything below 1280x1024 has died long ago. 2) When I want to read the imprint of a site (for whatever reason) the first thing I do is scroll down to the bottom of a page because it's standard that there is a link to the imprint.

Well I just put a link to the imprint in the navigation tab. Even my smartphone is now able to show the link without any scrolling.

In case you have been wondering why I even included an imprint: In germany (this site is hosted in germany and I'm from germany ;) ) every non-private website needs to have an imprint. Yes I know this sounds strange but saying "every commercial" website doesn't hit the point. If you host a website about your cat, or as a communication platform for your family, and so on you don't have to put an imprint. However if you - just like I do - host software that could possibly be sold one day you have to include one.

Yes I had the same wtf-look on my face when I first heard this like you probably have right know. I know the exact part of the law and the law is formulated in such a vague way that my personal feeling would be that every website needs one but the explanation above comes straight from a lawyer I know. So I thought I better put in one instead of maybe getting in trouble some day.

Oct 18th 2010, 00:00 by Sylence.

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