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A Thousand Suns

I finally found some time to listen to Linkin Park's new Album called A Thousand Suns. Well I don't know. It's pretty ok but this is not Linkin Park anymore. Yes I know that their new was going to be different because they always said that it was going to be a concept album. To put it short there is too much Hahn and too few Linkin Park in the new album.

Actually I'm not very suprised about this. Minutes to Midnight wasn't Linkin Park either. It was a really great album but you could actually hear in every song that Mike and Chester don't like each other very much. It's a bit sad since Hybrid Theory was such a genius album.

Well maybe this album is one of the albums you have to listen some times to if you want to like them :)

So while I'm listening to it I'll give you the advice that you should not buy it, if you want Linkin Park. If you want to hear something else A Thousand Suns is worth a try.

Oct 14th 2010, 17:16 by Sylence.

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