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Lighting fast

Usually I'm not a friend of this "you have to reinstall a windows once a year"-mentality but I just have reinstalled it. Programs kept crashing randomly, didn't even bother to start, or - like VLC - would crash if some other program requested to run with evaluated rights.

So now I spent the whole day on installing and configurating software. I really should think about making an image of my system partition when I'm done setting up everything. Should be much faster than formatting and reinstalling everything. Any recommendations for a free partition backup tool?

I really love this feeling of using a fresh naked windows. Especially when you did not install any tools and drivers you need for you everyday work. The system boots in like 30 seconds :) Of course this will change when I'm done installing all the software I need...

Oct 11th 2010, 00:51 by Sylence.

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