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Other people can be right, too ^^

Usually I don't give a shit about other people's opinions, likes, or dislikes (in the meaning of 'wow this song is great') but I have to admit that other people can be right, too ;)

Since a few months the band Unheilig has gained some popularity. Well they exist since 1999 but I never heard of them before. So everybody is now listening to their music. This is mostly a signal for me that the music is not that good (in my opinion) so I successfully avoided them until this weekend. Well I have to admit that they - indeed - make good music. Can't get their hit Geboren um zu Leben (German for "Born to live") out of my head...

For me they sound more or less like Rammstein in slow (no offense I like both of them). However I made the experience that it isn't a good idea to say this to a fan of them :D

Oct 4th 2010, 17:56 by Sylence.

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