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Need more toys *update*

Damn I'm such a freak... I just ordered most of the hardware I need to build my own home server. Actually I don't really need one but having one can come in handy. And 180€ isn't that much. If I would rent a server at a professional hoster I guess it would be more expensive in the first year. And since this is just a small Atom I hope my electricity bill won't explode ;)

Still looking for a hard disk, though. First of all I'm still trying to talk me out of buying a one TB (or an even bigger one) disk. I'm 99% sure I wont need so much space. I already have two TB in my desktop machine. So then I'm still looking for a cheap hard disk that can be run 24/7. The only shop I usually buy my stuff didn't offer any so tomorrow I will check some local computer stores or order one at a different shop. Update: Ok I ordered a 160GB server hard disk. 80GB disks are more expensive than 160GB so I took a bigger one.

However I'm really looking forward to playing around with it. Really love to setup Linux systems. However this time I'll invest some to setup a decent system. In the past I usually gave up after some hours getting all the services I wanted to work together and just chmod'ed most folder to 777 (the Linux pendent for a windows restart :D ) Well it didn't really matter since these systems were just virtual machines hosted on my computer but since this server is going to be accessible through the internet I don't want it to end up in a bot net.

Well so far,

Happy coding

Sep 16th 2010, 20:56 by Sylence.

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