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Dimensions folded into folded dimensions...

(Warning: The following consists of 100% amateur "knowledge". If you have profound knowledge on quantum mechanics, string theory, (or physics in general) just ignore my sciolism)

Ahhh my head is about to explode... a colleague sent me a video about how to imagine our ten-dimensional universe (Part 1 and Part 2). I have to admit that I wouldn't say that I got this absolutely but at least now I can image how to image ten dimensions. Well if I look this video another ten times or so, I think I'll get the idea completely.

The thing I find most interesting is that this simplification almost completely overlaps with what I (more or less "know") about M-Theory, like for example higher dimensional branes. I wouldn't go as far as saying that this makes sense to me but at least I now have an idea about these branes "containing" whole universes.

The interesting thing about these branes - at least according to Brian Green's The Elegant Universe - is that using them you can more or less explain the Big Bang. Also having unlimited universes is a good way around the need to have a superior being to describe why the laws of physics we know are suitable for life. If there are unlimited universes the probability for one having laws of physics that permit life is 100% and the fact that we live in our universe can be explained by the fact that this universe is the only one suitable for life.

Okay this is becoming slightly off-topic. I'm not that deep into quantum mechanics (talking about it without some profound knowledge is so much more fun :D ) but I never heard that strings also create what we know as time. However according to these two videos the strings (which exist in the 10th dimension) "create" everything of the underlying dimensions. Ok "create" is maybe not the right word. Everything in the underlying dimensions is being made of strings, or better is a representation of their different vibrations.

Well physics is such a wonderful thing. Normally you need to know the basics of something to get an understanding of the whole picture. Well physics is exactly the other way round. We know that an apple will fall to earth when it falls off a tree since the first humans ate these apples but we know (or believe to know) only since one hundred years what makes them fall down. (No Newton had no idea what he described. Einstein explained the workings of gravity).

It's a bit sad. We know so little about our universe. For example we have no real idea what time actually is. Or like Stephen Hawking said: "How can it be that we can remember the past but are unable to remember the future?" What makes time so different from the other dimensions? Is it really that different? Is time even a dimension? We don't know for sure what 95% of the universe are made of. 95 percent! Hell we don't even know big the universe is or what form it has. I'd bet we know less about the universe than we don't know.

(Note: In all this (and to notice for future posts about physics) I'm assuming that M-Theory indeed describes reality. I know that there isn't any evidence (yet) but I find it easier to not always write "if M-Theory is correct ...". However if M-Theory turns out to be incorrect I'm the first person to eat a broom like we say in germany)

Sep 15th 2010, 21:16 by Sylence.

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