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Software recommendation: TaskFreak!

I've been looking for a good todo list manager since a very long time. I know there a about one hundred millions out there but I never found one that I was satisfied with. Most of them had the problem, that they instisted on a due date for the task, or they didn't offer grouping, or they weren't free. I've even written my own tool some years ago. Worked pretty well, however it was an offline application but with time I wanted a central place to manage all my todo lists so I adapted my tool. Maybe I would have been done with it but unfortunately I deleted *all* my subversion repositories when I was drunk :D And of course there weren't any backups but that is another story that I've almost forgotten.

So until yesterday I had my handy offline tool with some minor bugs I found in the time I've used it. Nothing too serious but still bugs are bugs. And since I didn't want to start from scratch, I kept on searching for alternatives. It seems like I finally found one. TaskFreak! It's using PHP and MySQL, has all the features I want and is not too bloated. So to put it in one word: Almost perfect for my needs.

Almost? Yes almost. Though there is a multi-user version there is for example no way to change the language for one user. Ok since I'm (currently) the only one using it that's not the problem. However in TaskFreak! you can sort your task by projects. Perfect. However you can't create categories for these projects. You just have to possibility of global "categories" (they are called contexts but it's more or less the same). And they are hardcoded in a config file. However since these two are the only points that I would want to change I'm really satisfied with it. If I ever want to change this there are many plugins for it. So maybe there's already a plugin that does exactly what I want but currently I'm too lazy to search for one. And even if there is no plugin available: It shouldn't take too long to implement at least categories for tasks in a project.

If you need a web based todo manager I can only recommend taking a look at TaskFreak!

Aug 26th 2010, 23:06 by Sylence.

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