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My first problems with Windows 7

Wow I'm really amazed... it took me exactly 11 months before I ran into the first problems with Windows 7. As I stated earlier this day I had some problems getting Need for Speed World to run. Well since I can be very stubborn I installed some random drivers for my Southbridge (the AMD website is one hell of a mess if you try to find something...) and when that didn't work as well I even upgraded my BIOS.

Yes I know that you should only update your BIOS if you have problems. Well I would count "application not running" as a problem. Well anyways I flashed the BIOS, restarted, got pissed because some tools had written themselves into the auto run so I started msconfig and removed them. Boom. Freeze.

Ok nothing to worry about... I just rebooted and... freeze.

Funny thing is: The Safe Mode worked perfectly. So I guessed it has been the Southbrige drivers. Removed them manually, same problem. Used system restore to restore to some time before the driver update, same problem. And now I spent the last hour trying to downgrade my BIOS back to the old version. (Why the heck does the Asus Update Utility don't work in Safe Mode?) So I made a DOS-Boot-CD to find out that the flash utility that I used won't let me downgrade my BIOS... great.

And since this was my last CD I even went out and searched my car in the darkness to get the USB-stick I have stored my music on... have you ever tried to find a black car in the middle of the night in a parking area without any lights? Well believe me you don't want to...

Then when I sat down and tried to figure out how to make a USB-stick bootable with a linux (my laptop runs a xubuntu) i restarted my PC and forgot to enter safe mode... well now it works...

How can this be? I am really confused... And now I don't want to touch the BIOS anymore but I'm afraid I have to because in the default settings the CPU-fan is always running at very high speed making an incredible noise...

If I ever get the chance to meet the guy who invented computers... or like a saying: "Computers only help to solve problems we wouldn't have without them" :D

Well so far... happy coding

Aug 3rd 2010, 23:43 by Sylence.

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