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Need for Speed World

Since I have holiday for the next two weeks I wanted to play some games because I haven't done this for a long time. And since there are not really many games out there right now that I'm interested in I decided to give NFS World a change. From what I've heard it's ok and since it's free to try I downloaded it, installed it, let the launcher patch the game, and boom... crashes all the time I try to start it.

EA did a *really* good job there... my machine is nothing special, the drivers are up to date but no... some one doesn't want me to play the game :(

Now I'm thinking about Starcraft 2... well I don't know. I played part one to death and from what I've heard there isn't really that much new...

Well until I decided what game to play I will just keep playing SimTower :)

Aug 3rd 2010, 17:24 by Sylence.

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