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When everything goes wrong... *update*

Yeha... the last days have been so hot that my PSU died on Thursday so no I didn't code anything on the weekend.

A dead PSU wouldn't be a problem. I ordered a new one on Thursday evening. The problem is I bought it at an online shop I wasn't registered (MindFactory). And because they offered a possibility to buy without registering at their shop via PayPal I've chosen this possibility. Too bad that I didn't notice that my address in my PayPal account was wrong (my house number was missing) so now there is a packet with my new PSU (a Seasonic S12II-520 in case you wondered) with only half an address on it. Hopefully the guys at DHL are able to deliver it anyway. Well I have to wait until tomorrow to inform them about the right address.

However I'm still wondering how PayPal managed to fuck up my address like this. All addresses except the post address were ok... this is just not fair :(

I only hope that my old PSU didn't damage any other components when it died... well I'll see when I can finally install my new one...

However whether is still fine so I will just keep on enjoying it :)

Update: Ok my new PSU arrived and is working fine. All other components are fine as well. So I made the right decision when I spent some more money on a better PSU 3 years ago. With some trash PSU my PC would have probably been gone for good by now.

Jul 5th 2010, 18:49 by Sylence.

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