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Smartphones ftw *update*

I bought a new mobile phone last week and now you are reading the first post that i'm writing with it.

My old Sony Ericsson C902 was alright but hey my new BlackBerry Storm2 is even better. I really love this surepress technology. The guys at RIM did a really good job there. However I have to get used to have a full qwerty keyboard on a mobilephone :)

Also there is a really cool thing about wordpress and blackberrys: there is an app that provides access to your wordpress blog. Very cool.

Well regarding apps: seems like the app world is not yet available in Germany. Have to install all apps manually but as far as I know it will be available in Germany in late July. Well I can Wait a month :)

Ah stupid me... It was July 2009... App World simply doesn't work because I didn't take the BlackBerry option offered by my provider... well everything works fine and I can download apps from other sites. So no I won't pay that extra 5€ a month.

Happy coding ;)

Jun 16th 2010, 23:01 by Sylence.

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