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Qt Creator

I recently began to write some programs using Qt. And since making Visual Studio and Qt work together can become a mess I decided to give QtCreator a chance.

Well after I got used to it I must say that it is a nice IDE. And you just feel that it was espacially designed for developing Qt applications. It just feels better to develop Qt applications using Qt Creator then Visual Studio.

However there are some downsides, too. The autocompletion is ok, but nothing compared to Visual Assist. And the debugger is not so well integrated into the IDE like in Visual Studio. However to be fair Qt Creator is a relative new IDE compared to Visual Studio. So I could image that it will get even better in the future.

So if you ever want to write a Qt application you should definately give Qt Creator a try. It's worth it.

Happy coding ;)

Jan 19th 2010, 20:46 by Sylence.

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