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2009 - A review

2009 and with it the first decade of this millenium is coming to an end. Time for a review. Interestingly 2009 was a quiet year. Nothing special happened.

Maybe the next year will be more interesting.

Some other things: I fixed some bugs on the website (thanks goes to .faileN for reporting them) and made some more performance optimizations. Well regarding the performance... seems like I didn't do a good jobs. Still does feel slow from time to time. Well what should you expect of a webhosting packet for 4€ per month. I have seen site that are slower however I'll digg deeper in my trickbox. Maybe I can add some more percent ;)

So what else to say? Well I wish you all had a good year 2009 and will enjoy christmas time.

So happy coding to all of you. Hope we see again next year ;)

Dec 17th 2009, 19:07 by Sylence.

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