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I'm still alive :)

Yes i know that one could easily think different but yes I'm not dead.

So what happened in the last few months? (or was it years?) well first of all I got a new smartphone again. A blackberry z10. Yes a blackberry. I know I wasn't very satisfied with my old storm but blackberry 10 simply rocks. The most fluid work flow I've ever seen and outstanding performance. I guess the q10 would have been a great choice as well but I couldn't wait any longer. I instantly fell in love with the new OS when I saw the first presentation. if you are looking for a new smartphone you should definitely take a look at the new blackberries.

So what have I been working on? Well I started on creating a launchy clone and there's already a lot of progress. The closed beta has been running for some time and apart from missing documentation and some polishing there is not much to do before I will start a public beta.

I guess I could have reached quite a few useres if I had released this much earlier. Just think about the people that don't want to get used to Windows 8. However I guess with the announcement of Windows 8.1 these potential users will be harder to reach.

Aside from this I also started on working on a framework for creating 2d games in c# since Microsoft has dropped development of xna but there is still very much to do.

So happy coding to all of you :)

Jun 4th 2013, 00:26 by Sylence.

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