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Windows 7

This is my first post from my new OS. I got Windows 7 Professional from MSDNAA and since I wanted to reinstall my old Vista installation anyways I decided to install Windows 7. Although the version is the english one I'm pretty satisfied with 7.

I already tested the Beta and the RC but only in a VM. It even runs smoother on a real computer :)

However Windows 7 wouldn't be a Windows if there aren't any problems. I crashed 3 DVDs until the installation went ok. And one funny thing is: Windows 7 creates a 100MB page file partition. But only if you create a new partition on the hard disk. If you just format an existing partition the page file partition won't be created and you can't install it.

Well as long as the system runs stable and fast when it is installed I'm ok with difficulties during the installtion.

I just have an Windows Experience Index of 5.9 (out of 7.9) because of my Hard drive (5.9) and my graphics card (6.0). Maybe its time to upgrade. Although my hard disk is just about one year old and I always thought that it was quite fast. Well you always learn something new ;)

Now I have to install all the tools I need / want. And then I can go on with coding.

Happy coding ;)

Sep 3rd 2009, 19:38 by Sylence.

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