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My first shader

No, you're eyes are all right. This might suprise some of you, but actually I never used or even wrote a single shader program. Why? Well basicly because I haven't coded so much 3d programs yet. And the shaders of the few that I worked on were written by other people. But to be honest: I always thought of shaders as some black magic voodoo stuff ;)

However this has changed today. I'm currently testing SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) because I'm planning to write some 2d games in the future. I already looked at some other 2d multimedia libraries but so far SMFL scores best.

And one cool feature is the shader support of it. So I decided to learn some basic GLSL (SFML uses a slightly modified GLSL for its shaders) and made a simple blur effect in just 10 minutes or so.

I'm so proud of me that I'll show you the result:

I know nothing special but for a first shader I'm satisfied.

I'll let you know about this 2d game when there is more to tell.

Happy coding ;)

Sep 2nd 2009, 18:13 by Sylence.

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