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Windows 8

As promised: A first quick look into Windows 8.

The biggest change that a user will see is that the start menu has been replaced with a new app screen. This screen has been inspired by the start screen of Windows Phone. With the same advantages and disadvantages. The new interface is clearly not meant to be used with a mouse. It purely touch-optimized and this is the reason why this preview will be short. I didn't want to use the UI with a mouse and a keyboard. However the metro interface is perfect for a tablet PC. So if I ever feel the need to buy a tablet I'd really go for Windows 8.

One thing I already like about Windows 8 is the new explorer. Maybe you already heard of it but it features a new ribbon interface. Once you get used to them ribbons are more efficient than menus. The greatest thing: A customizable quick access bar. There you can place commands that you often use and reach them faster. This is especially cool for the 'New Folder' command that you can now reach by one single mouse click.

However if there won't be any way to disable the metro interface I highly doubt that I will upgrade to Windows 8 any time soon. But there is still very much time before Windows 8 is going to be released so I won't judge it now. It simply is way too early. I'll give a judgement when I get my hands on the RTM version.

Oct 15th 2011, 20:50 by Sylence.

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