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Documentation IS important

Every developer should know this but most of us ignore this. Documentation is a very important aspect about software development. Documenting the code and some sort of manual for the user can make the difference between crappy software and divine software.

And for those of you who use their own software but didn't bother writing documentation for it (hey you wrote it, you know how to handle it), here is a little story for you:

One or two years ago I wrote a tool for renaming multiple files at once. Yes I know there are of bunch of tools out there that do this but I wrote this tool when I was learning C# and I thought that this would be something cool to get used to the language. Ever since I'm really using this for my own. Not everyday but still once or twice a month. Now I wanted to integrate its functionality into something else and while I was looking through the code to find out what I could reuse and which parts I have to rewrite (hey just take a look at code you wrote two years ago. If it's still the same you haven't learned anything in these two years) I found out about functionality that I simply had forgotten.

The tool itself has an help button but I never bothered writing a documentation this button could display. Well if I did I'd probably know that all these functions exist in my code.

So even if you write tools that only you use it is helpful if you put some documentation together which will tell you in some years what the tool is really able to do ;)

Aug 28th 2011, 16:42 by Sylence.

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