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Problem solving: The wrong way

Ok we needed a whole day to get the Remote Debugger of Visual Studio running but we finally got the damn thing to work.

Problem was that the machine on which the program is running is inside a domain but the development machine is not. The solution in this case is to use an account with the same name and password on both machines. However after creating the accounts and setting up the necessary rights we still weren't able to remote debug the application.

Now be prepared for a big laugh: Every time we started the Remote Debugger Monitor on the remote machine a message popped up. Stupid as we are we always clicked ok without reading the message. Today I finally decided to read the message instead of clicking it away. It told us that the remote machine was configured to authenticate remote users as guests. It was even kind enough to tell us what setting we had to change to which value. And guess what? After doing so the remote debugger worked flawlessly :D

So even if you think you have seen all error messages ever written you should at least take a quick look at it. Maybe you will be surprised with a plain written way how to solve your problem ;)

Aug 25th 2011, 20:48 by Sylence.

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