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A new toy... again

Yes I like toys :) Especially if they need electricity to operate (no not what you think) I got so sick of my BlackBerry that I bought an HTC HD7. Cool think is that it's being replaced by the HTC 7 Pro which means the HD7 has become very cheap this days. I just paid half of what I would had have to pay for it when it was released.

So far everything looks great. I like the design of WP7 and the most important thing: Calling it lightning fast would still be too slow. Everything is smooth and fast and it's just perfect. I love it that the phone is ready to use in under one minute if you turn it off and on again. I stopped the time for my BlackBerry to start. It took six minutes! I haven't seen a desktop computer that needed to boot six minutes since ages.

The Marketplace seems to be bigger than BlackBerry AppWorld and if I want (or maybe have) to develop my own apps I can do this in C# instead of Java :) I already have some cool ideas but unfortunately I have to wait until October since then I'm going to register as a student developer for free instead of paying 99$ a year for developing apps. In the meanwhile I'm going to get familiar with the API and test some of my ideas using the Phone Emulator that comes with the SDK.

People take my advice: If you want to do more with your smartphone than just sending SMS or E-Mails and telephone with it you should avoid a BlackBerry at all costs. The hardware is great but the software is just plain bullshit. Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen: I was bored and started the camera on my old BlackBerry. After moving the thing around for some time the whole phone freezed and died with a White Screen (the BlackBerry pendant to a Blue Screen). If it were the first released version of the OS I would say "ok there are some small issues but that's ok since it was just released" but I was running like the tenth officially released version of the system. At such a late time such things simply must not happen.

In comparison WP7 is very stable. One of my colleagues - who has the talent to break every software he can get his hands on (excellent tester btw ;)) - didn't manage to produce a single crash on his HD7 in more than half a year. This is a clear indicator for me that the system cannot be broken without destroying the hardware ;)

Jul 8th 2011, 17:11 by Sylence.

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