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If you are using or to access this site you should change your bookmarks. After the 24th of November the only domain that is valid for this site will be Why? Well because I realized I don't need 3 domains that are identical. And now I have 2 domains that I can use for other purposes :)

Sep 23rd 2012, 16:50 by Sylence.

Ludum Dare: My result

I promised to inform you about the results of my participation in the Ludum Dare: I didn't participate.

First I couldn't get along with the theme. I simply had no idea what to do with it. And second there was something called 'real life' that got in my way. Yes I know that is shockingly but even I have it.

Apr 22nd 2012, 18:38 by Sylence.

Long time no see

Yes I've been super lazy in the past months. Well ok lazy is not the right word. I'm drowning in things I have to do for university and work that I find no time for blogging. Even if I would (like right now) I wouldn't know what to blog about.

I could tell you that I started to like to twitter senseless stuff. So if you are interested in reading more of the nonsense I'm usually writing you may want to check out my Twitter Page since this is more active than this blog currently is.

Any other news? Hm let me think. Nope. Nothgin. I still love my new keyboard although I still sometimes miss some special chars like umlauts and things I don't use that often but this has more to do with my current desk. At least I hope so.

Ah well yes there is something. I guess I'm going to participate in the next Ludum Dare. If I really do this I will of course inform you about my result here. So stay tuned :)

And in the mean time: Happy coding :)

Apr 15th 2012, 01:19 by Sylence.
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Adding an InternalsVisibleAttribute to an AssemblyInfo generated by MSBuild Community Tasks

When using MSBuild Community Tasks to generate assembly info for a project you may have noticed that it does not support adding the InternalsVisibleAttribute to the generated assembly info.

Since this attribute is needed for unit testing here is a simple workaround to add it:

[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo("UNIT_TEST_ASSEMBLY")]

Simply add this line anywhere in a code file of your project. You may want to add an #if DEBUG or something like that around it but that is all.

Feb 26th 2012, 19:11 by Sylence.
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The perfect keyboard

I've been searching for the perfect keyboard for like ten years but finally I found it: The DasKeyboard. Yes it's very expensive at the first glance but you should think about it from another point of view: Since it's a mechanical keyboard its lifespan is about ten times the span of a normal keyboard.

The feeling when you type is just perfect. You will fell in love with the clicky sound the first time you press one of its keys. At first I was struggling whether to buy the silent edition or the Ultimate edition. I finally decided to go for the Ultimate and I don't regret it. If you are already a decent typist you won't miss the missing labels on the keys. If you aren't you will adapt to it very fast.

The thing is just massive and is built to last. Definitely THE perfect keyboard. My search is finally over :)

Feb 4th 2012, 17:04 by Sylence.
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